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Two Months – Down 20.2lbs and 16.75in

Two Months – Down 20.2lbs and 16.75in

Well here we are, folks. Two months in to the keto way of eating and I’m pretty proud to say that I’ve lost 20.2 pounds and 16.75 inches! Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP?!?!

You don’t really realize all of the changes happening until you put up some side by sides. Crazy! My skin looks better (makeup free, yay!), my clothes fit better, and boy do I feel better! This last month, I did little to no gym time because I cancelled my membership (  ) Hopefully this coming month, our workout room will be complete and I can get back at it.

Cravings are still a pretty big thing from time to time. I find that, the more I eat out, the harder it is to turn down Texas Roadhouse rolls or Dairy Queen ice cream. I think I’m still too new to be “cheating.” Keto is definitely not one of those fad diets where you can have cheat days and still be successful. I think that the longer you actually eat clean, the more repair is done on your mental health. Oh well! Each day is a new day an I have to continue to remember that.

I’ve decided to be more strict with the kids and their keto life. Up until now, they’re more low carb than keto. They still eat a TON of fruit and when we go out to eat, I’m not very strict on what they consume. I’ve learned so much over the last two months so I know they’ll benefit from this way of eating, too.

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