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Tan and sweet Bulletproof Coffee

bulletproof coffee

When I first started keto, I would eat a crap-ton of eggs. Like, day in and day out, eggs were on my plate. Whether they were boiled, scrambled or fried, those yellow and white things were there. Looking back, I think a lot of it was because it was a safe choice for me while I learned the ins and outs of keto. I knew they were low carb, high fat and moderate protein so I really couldn’t screw keto up too bad if I just consumed those. Plus, they were SUPER easy to make. Little did I know, I would quickly grow sick of eggs. Even the thought of eating an egg gave me the willies. I just couldn’t do it anymore. This left me in a bit of a keto pickle, because I needed something easy to replace the breakfast I was accustom to making. Then I found Bulletproof Coffee.

Now, Bulletproof Coffee (BPC) is not your average cup of joe. No. It’s a deliciously filling blend of your favorite coffee, grass-fed butter and the ever-so-powerful MCT oil. The benefits of BPC are really astounding if you research it. Not only is coffee packed full of nutrients and antioxidants, it can help you burn fat, may lower your risk of Type II Diabetes, and may lower your risk of Alzheimer’s. Paired with the benefits of MCT oil, BPC is the perfect way to start your day.

When I started to research the perfect way to make my BPC, I came away with some very disheartening findings. No one used anything sweet in their recipes. I like coffee. I mean, I am a mother of 4 who likes to function every day. So, I do like it. But I can’t drink it the “it’ll put hair on your chest” kind of way. I need mine tan and sweet. And with vanilla. So I started tinkering around with my measuring cups and found MY perfect way of making it.

The recipe

My recipe is full fat. I mean FULL. FAT. I drink this by itself and don’t eat until hours later. Sometimes, I drink it right before I’m going to fast for 24 hours. This is just my preference. I also choose to put my BPC in a travel mug so I can shake it often. I hate the thought of taking a sip and have oil/butter residue on my lips. Shaking it keeps it frothy and well combined.

I hope you enjoy!


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Tan and sweet Bulletproof Coffee
This high fat, low carb coffee is a great way to get your fats, boost your brain power, and fuel you for HOURS. Plus, this tasty cuppa joe will bring you back to your "prior to keto life" without introducing all of the extra carbs you once consumed.
bulletproof coffee
Prep Time 1 minute
Prep Time 1 minute
bulletproof coffee
  1. Freshly brew your favorite coffee
  2. In a travel mug, combine coffee, cream, butter, keto approved sugar, vanilla and MCT oil
  3. Close lid and shake
  4. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

You can use any coffee you desire. I love the Original Donut Shop k-cup. For your keto approved sugar, you can use your favorite one. If you use something other than xylitol, adjust the measurement to your desired sweetness. Some keto approved sugars are sweeter and require less. For the MCT oil, read the instructions on your bottle. If you are new to MCT oil, you will want to work up to the maximum suggested amount in order to avoid bubble guts/disaster pants.

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2 thoughts on “Tan and sweet Bulletproof Coffee”

    • Out of all the sweeteners I’ve tried, xylitol is my favorite. I feel as though it has the least amount of aftertaste. Some things about xylitol:
      * it’s toxic to dogs so make sure, if you have a pup, you’re cognizant of that
      * when baking goods with flour, xylitol makes the items soft. Usually, this is a good thing. Unless you’re trying to get a crispy cookie
      * xylitol is the best keto sweetener to use when making ice cream (see above for reason 🙂 )

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