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Recipe Review – Low Carb Paleo Chocolate Cake Pancakes

Recipe Review – Low Carb Paleo Chocolate Cake Pancakes

Oooh, doesn’t that sound good? Chocolate cake pancakes! I love chocolate pancakes. My favorite were always IHOP because they were sweet, buttery, and melt in your mouth chocolaty. Plus, all those chocolate chips on top?! I mean, come on! Did you know that a stack of those pancakes, without syrup, is 97 carbs? Add 2oz of syrup, and you’re at a whopping 151 carbs. For pancakes!! Man, they’re good, but they’re not THAT good. And the fact that I’m starving two hours after I eat them doesn’t make them any better. Eating keto, I could eat for a week and still have carbs left over. Plus, I’d be losing weight while doing it. No thank you, IHOP. I’ll pass on your cakes. I’ll pass.

When my youngest son asked for pancakes this morning, I was excited to try something new. And being close to “shark week” for me, something chocolaty sounded really appealing. So I googled “Chocolate Keto Pancakes” and “Low Carb Paleo Chocolate Cake Pancakes by Forest and Fauna” came up. The picture speaks for itself. They look incredibly delicious! Let’s go, my boy. Pancakes are a comin’.

First of all, these pancakes are all coconut flour. I do not like coconut flour. I think the texture is horrible. It feels like grated coconut in your mouth. Bleh. With that being said, I was hopeful that pancakes could thrive with that texture, especially considering I’ve tried another coconut flour pancake recipe that I didn’t mind. This recipe also called for a sugar substitute I wasn’t familiar with. I changed the sugar to swerve because that’s what I had on hand. I only used a half tbsp, which was my first mistake. It definitely needed at least a full tablespoon of sweetener. I also did not have coconut milk and had to sub almond milk in. Maybe that may have changed the flavor some.

What I loved about the recipe

Chocolate – I think that if I would have added more sweetener, the chocolate pancake wouldn’t have been so bitter. There were some bites that I had, with lots of maple syrup and whipped cream, that were actually pretty good. I’m still getting used to darker chocolate so the sweetness definitely is key. The idea of chocolate in a pancake, though. Still a good idea in my book!

MCT Oil – I feel like my MCT oil just sits in my cupboard, waiting for me to drink coffee. I’ve yet to see it utilized in a recipe. When I saw these pancakes had it listed, I was super pumped! Now my kids get the benefit of the MCT oil without having to drink coffee (which I don’t allow)

What I would change about the recipe

Coconut flour – I think this is going to be a standing thing for me in any recipe I try. I really hate coconut flour. I wish there was another substitute that didn’t have the yucky texture. I want fluffy buttery pancakes. Coconut flour just doesn’t do it for me!

Moral of the story

I don’t think I’ll make these exact pancakes again. While I like the idea of chocolate and love the MCT oil as an ingredient, I just can’t get over the texture. To be fair, I didn’t use enough sweetener or the correct “milk”, so I’m not able to give a completely accurate review of these pancakes. I just don’t suggest making them the way I did. With that being said, the maple whipped cream I made was the BOMB. I used heavy cream and Nature’s Hallow Sugar Free Maple Syrup. I could eat that with a spoon all day long! Try these pancakes if you will. Or don’t. Either way, definitely try the whipped cream!


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