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Recipe review – Low carb manicotti

Recipe review – Low carb manicotti

When we lived in Texas, we found this little pizza joint that we loved! It was the only place in town that offered a delicious, foldable, greasy pie that we craved. No, we’re not New Yorkers, but we do appreciate their taste in pizza! This pizza place offered us our first manicotti experience. It came in this little dish, about the size of a side, and was loaded with cheese. I mean, it was really hot cheese with a side of noodle and sauce! Mmmmm. So of course, when the Low Carb Manicotti by Lowcarb-Ology came across my news feed, I had to try it!

When I’m deciding what to make for the family, I always look over the directions and see how long the suggested prep time is going to be. Let’s be honest here. I’m not organized. I don’t generally plan a menu in advance. I don’t get dinner started on time. I just try to keep everyone alive. So when I saw that this recipe had a 5 minute prep time and a 20 minute cook time, PLUS it looked delicious, I was all in! Mmmm, hot cheese.

It was about 7:30pm when we got home from grocery shopping. The kids were desperate for food and were spitting nails at me in an effort to make a meal appear. I had been wanting to make manicotti for dinner for a while and had just purchased everything to do so, so I was ready! Plus, with a quick turnaround time (according to the recipe), I was able to shut the little people down with “give me a half hour and dinner will be ready.” Now, let me start this off by saying, I should have known better. Though I didn’t receive a degree, I did spend some time in culinary school. I know my way around the kitchen enough to make it through any recipe. I should have put two and two together that, making crepes for a family of 6 PLUS leftovers will take longer than 5 minutes of prep. The actual prep time on this recipe was more like 40 minutes. I had to triple the recipe and then cook, fill, roll and tuck 10 crepes into a casserole dish. All while fighting off starving and angry short people. It was not my best work.

Once I got it in the oven, I baked it long enough for the cheese to melt. Maybe 15 minutes at the most. I turned the broiler on high to crisp up the top and then served it to my, now very impatient, brood. * Another mistake. With the size I made, it needed at least 30-45 minutes in the oven.

What I loved about the recipe

The cheese – I mean, who doesn’t love cheese? This recipe is basically cheese and cheese with a side of cheese and sauce. Yum!

The “noodle” – The crepes are really eggy when you make them. They’re almost like thin little omelets prior to being thrown into the casserole dish. Surprisingly though, once they’re transformed into a cheese hugging Italian burrito, you wouldn’t know they’re not a traditional noodle.

What I would change about the recipe

Fresh vs frozen – I honestly feel like this is one of those recipes that would taste better after it has been sitting for a minute. We reheated the leftovers and they are 100 times better than when we made it fresh. Next time, I’m going to assemble this dish and pack it away in the fridge over night. I really think it needs it in order to let the flavors truly marinate. That or I’ll put it right in the freezer and save it for a night when I don’t have it all together!

Add more salt – I think the cheesy filling needed more salt. The longer I’m on keto, the saltier I seem to like my food.

Moral of the story

I’d make this again. Like I said, I’d let it sit longer before cooking in order for it to come together better. Plus, y’all know, some foods need that. Like chili or spaghetti. Also, if you’re tripling the recipe, make sure you consider that before promising your littles that dinner will be ready soon. People don’t like liars. Especially people who are emotionally unstable.

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