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Recipe Review – Low Carb Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Recipe Review – Low Carb Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

If you’ve done any type of keto baking, I’m sure you know that the recipes are really hit or miss. Some of them are pretty tasty, slightly resembling their carby twin sister, while others leave you wanting the trash can. Sadly, that has been the case for me for anything cake-like, chocolatey, or even within the cookie family. Well, until today! Y’all. Let me say this again. Y’ALL! I found the best chocolate recipe I have come across to date. Finally, something that resembles an ooey-gooey cake. Bonus? It tastes even better with melted butter. Double bonus, it’s called a muffin so that makes it appropriate with my bulletproof coffee. Right?

The recipe

I stumbled upon this Low Carb Chocolate Zucchini Muffins – by Low Carb Maven recipe when I was googling easy things to make for the kids’ breakfast. I needed to score some points with my low carb kids because school lunches have been a little hard on us and breakfast time has been filled with scrambled eggs and well, more scrambled eggs. So I thought, what could be more appealing to children under 10 than chocolate muffins? (Well, cotton candy would be more appealing. But I have to draw the line somewhere!)

I ended up doubling the recipe because, in general, keto recipes are far too small for my big family. Be warned, though. These suckers call for 12 eggs when you double it! In general, the process was pretty easy and the ingredients list wasn’t substantially long. It is definitely more involved than melting chocolate and mixing in flour; however, every step is worth it.

What I loved about the recipe

The texture – I am not a fan of coconut flour, but it works here! When slightly underdone, these chocolatey treats are gooey and delicious. They’re not dry and literally melt in your mouth. With butter, they’re even more fantastic.

Re-heating – By doubling the recipe, I was able to get 30 small muffins. We keep them in the refrigerator in a loosely covered bowl and pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds before eating. We’re 3 days in and they still taste just as fresh as the day I made them. My kids have even reheated them (with a pad of butter), stuff them in their lunchbox, and ate them hours later at lunch time. They have both said that they were still just as delicious!

What I would change about the recipe

Chocolate chips – The only thing I would change about this recipe is that I would add chocolate chips to the batter. I actually used chunked chocolate because I didn’t have any chips and they were amazing. On the second batch in the oven, I mixed the chunks in the batter, as well as placed some on top and they were even better! So so so so good. Ugh, so good!

Moral of the story

Make these. Period. If you need chocolate cake, or a muffin, or whatever it is you want to call these, this recipe is for you. They’re like a cupcake that doesn’t need frosting. I don’t want my supply to end! They are super easy for the kids to pop in their lunchboxes or heat up for breakfast, and they taste delicious. I will absolutely be making these again and keeping them in the freezer for when I just need cake. Or a muffin 😉


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