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Recipe review – Almost zero carb wraps

Recipe review – Almost zero carb wraps

Being the lone chef in my household, it’s up to me to figure out what these people get to eat day in and day out. Lucky for them, I like to cook, know how to cook, and THOROUGHLY enjoy tasty meals.

I have a few items in my before-keto recipe box that I’ve wanted to figure out how to transition to our new, nearly carb free lives. One of which is the chicken quesadilla. In our standard quesadilla, I would always put mesquite marinated grilled chicken, ranch and lots of cheddar between two flour shells. In all reality, the shells were just there to hold the ingredients together. So of course, making my original quesadillas keto didn’t seem to be that hard. Lucky for me, it wasn’t!

There are dozens of recipes out there that look to be pretty appetizing in the shell department. Lots of variations with seemingly easy ingredients and directions. Sadly, most of them called for coconut flour. This ingredient, I did not have in my pantry. So, after very little searching, I stumbled upon this recipe for Almost Zero Carb Low Carb Wraps by Low Carb Maven.

Now, these wraps seemed a little unconventional, considering they used pork rinds as their main ingredient. Weird, I know. If you’ve ever seen a pork rind, you’d know that they’re super crunchy. They remind me of cinnamon twists from Taco Bell. Well, at least the texture does. Up until this recipe came along, I hadn’t actually ever tried a pork rind. I had them in my cupboard, but never wanted to spoil my illusion of them tasting like their sweet cousins from my favorite fast food chain. Sadly, I didn’t need to taste them in their original form to discover they’re a lot different.

What I loved about this recipe

Ease – Any time you can make something easier for a mom with 4 kids, you’ll automatically score brownie points! I was able to make this entire recipe using my food processor. So nice! Plus, it was easy to follow so I could have an argument with my 10 year old while still making the tortillas. (I always feel successful when I can parent and cook at the same time)

They stayed together – I was really impressed at how well these stayed together as a quesadilla. I loaded them up and was able to flip them with only minimal spillage. Once they had been sitting for a while, though, they did lose their crispness so we ended up needing forks.

They’re super low carb – You cannot find a bread/tortilla replacement out there that is trace carbs. You just can’t! These are so low carb, you could consume the entire batch and still not hit your daily 20g limit. Of course, don’t do that. Eating a lot of anything is never a good idea.

What I would change about the recipe

The smell – Like I said earlier, I’ve never tasted a pork rind because I have this illusion that I’m trying to maintain with these little guys. I love Taco Bell so much and would never want to compare something sub standard to their menu. Now I know, though, that my illusion was a lie. You know what happens when you get a dog wet, right? It smells like a warm wet dog throughout your entire house. Yeah, same concept here. When I opened that food processor up after adding the wet ingredients, I almost passed out. Those things smelled like fresh big boy vomit on your moonlit sheets. BLEH!

I almost stopped there. Almost. If I didn’t have an audience on my Facebook page patiently waiting for the outcome of these, I would have trashed the recipe.

To be fair, the smell did subside the longer the goop sat there. By the time they were cooked, the smell had either gone away or I just got used to it. Jury is still out.

The texture – The finished tortillas were super eggy and kind of fluffy. They were very similar to a keto pancake. The recipe does give you an alternate option to reduce the eggy-ness, which I would encourage you to try.

Moral of the story

I love quesadillas. I really do. But, I think I can live without them in my life. At least until I find a different tortilla recipe. I seriously cannot get over the likeness of wet pig skin to puke. This is of no fault to Low Carb Maven, of course. My Nazi nose just can’t withstand the smell of vomit while preparing food. And they’re definitely not like the cinnamon twist. Not even close. Don’t let them deceive you….


Until next time, keto on friends!

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