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One Month – Down 13.8lbs and 8in

One Month – Down 13.8lbs and 8in

Wow, what an interesting month it has been. I’m one month in to keto and I’m finally starting to see a difference. The last 30 days have been filled with so many eggs and bacon. And butter! So much butter. I wish I could say that I’m as hard-core keto as others I’ve come into contact with, but that would be a lie. I’m still battling the fast food cravings like crazy! I’ve managed to make a few healthier choices, like getting bunless burgers and shell-less tacos; however, a peanut butter and hot fudge sundae from Dairy Queen still makes it in my hands somehow….

I feel as though this can be a way of life for me. Especially now that I’m over the keto flu. That was HORRIBLE. It happened about two weeks in to the low carb lifestyle and it felt like I had the regular flu. I was so tired and sore all over. Thankfully, only a few days of that and then I was fine. I’m ready to continue pressing on. It’s time to start trying new recipes and reading labels. I’ve managed to avoid doing that up until now. Keto on, folks!


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