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Losing weight with a pill

Losing weight with a pill

Nearly five years ago, I was taking a prescription called Phentermine. I was turned on to this drug by a friend of mine who found great weight loss success while using it.  As I’m sure some of you can relate, I generally found myself in a downhill spiral with my weight and my insanely overactive appetite. At that point in my life, I was desperate for an “easy fix” to my weight problem.

Phentermine’s main goal is appetite suppression. When accompanied by a low-calorie diet and exercise, individuals who are prescribed this drug can experience a substantial amount of weight loss in a short period of time. I was sold! This was EXACTLY what I needed. Once I began taking it, I saw the results, as promised, and found myself in a whole new world of weight loss excitement. I was hooked and started going to the gym, taking the stairs, skipping meals, and eating low-fat foods a plenty!

All of this is important because this was a time in my life that I actually felt comfortable in my own skin. The scale excited me and every time I stepped on it, it didn’t squeal in pain. It actually told me I was steadily losing weight. I cut my hair super short, bought all new clothes, and enjoyed pole dancing lessons with my friends. Things I wouldn’t dare to do at my normal, heavier weight!

In order to maintain a prescription on Phentermine, I was required to visit the weight loss doc every few months for a new prescription. Because this was not covered by my insurance, this process was VERY costly; a cost I wasn’t prepared to maintain. Sadly, my time with Phentermine ended after a few months and a really tough withdrawal period.

I distinctly remember the weight I was when I stopped the Phentermine. I think it was ingrained in my mind because I knew it would take everything I had to maintain it. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t do it. While Phentermine suppresses appetite, it doesn’t teach you about how foods affect your body. It doesn’t make you understand that certain foods make you feel bloated, swell your fingers, or stall your weight loss. It is really just a band-aid for your eating struggles. And when that band-aid is ripped off, your open wound is exposed and you’re left to deal with it the only way you know how.

Finding keto

Fast forward to six months ago, when I found the ketogenic way of life. At that time, I didn’t know what (or if) it could do anything for me but I was hopelessly optimistic. While I was familiar with losing weight, I wasn’t prepared for the mental struggles actually watching your nutrition would present. To my pleasant surprise, this new lifestyle offered something Phentermine did not; it was an attainable and sustainable lifestyle with an attached community of members FULL of resources. Plus, with no secret pill that I had to pay to poison my body with, the financial impact was nil.

Today, I’m excited to say that, while it took a long six months, I am finally back at the weight I was when I stopped Phentermine. And I did it all on my own! It’s interesting to me how different I feel about my body now and about my health. While I’m thrilled that I’m still losing the weight, I’m even more excited about how I’m losing it. During my time on Phentermine, I was purely focused on pounds. Today, I’m focused on food as fuel and as a byproduct, the weight is falling off. How cool is that?! I’m healthier than I have ever been and I’m not tied to a doctor that is providing a drug for me to be that way.

Life is exciting right now. I finally have a handle on eating, which I’ve struggled with my entire life. And while I’m over the moon about hitting a weight that I can distinctly remember weighing 5 years ago, I know that my journey is really just getting started.

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