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Five months – Down 35.2lbs and 32in

Five months – Down 35.2lbs and 32in

Happy five months, keto fam. I cannot even believe I’ve been eating this way for FIVE WHOLE MONTHS. I don’t think I’ve ever… No, I know I’ve never followed a “diet” this long in my life. By now, I’d have gained my weight back and would be looking for the next “quick fix” to get me out of whatever depressing slump I found myself in. Man, it feels like I’m winning today!

This last month has been fun. I found “myself” somewhere in the process and have really taken time to appreciate where I’ve come and what my body is doing. I’m still struggling A LOT in the emotional eating department. Especially because my carby husband and kids are being sugar addicts again and it’s stressing me out. But that’s a separate story I rally don’t have the time or energy to hash out right now. 🙁

I’m also noticing major changes that aren’t being reflected on the scale. Some days, my face feels slimmer, my legs look less manly and my pants are looser. All of these non scale victories are exciting! I’ve even been able to zip a pair of knee high boots almost past the biggest part of my calf. The semi stylish girl in me is giddy! Squeee! Soon, little boots. Very soon.

This month, I’ve officially started a workout routine. Well, it’s not a routine. Yet. I walked into my workout room and snapped some selfies. Five months ketoThat’s progress, right? I even watched a YouTube video walking me through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT.) I tried the squats. They were hard. But I finished watching all 10 minutes of the video. I’m proud.

Month Six – Goals

To combat my slower weight loss, this coming month I’m going to get serious about exercise and I’m going to readjust my macros. I’ve been consuming about 30-40 carbs (still a breastfeeding mom) and plan to reduce those since my babe is eating more solids. I’m also going to reduce my dairy intake. I have a sneaky suspicion that my body hates cheese. (It has always been against me. Why, body?! Why??😠) We’ll see how it goes.

Much love to you all! We’re doing this.


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