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Facelift Friday

Facelift Friday

This morning, I took a shower, did my makeup, blowdried and curled my hair. While finishing my hair, I realized something. I couldn’t remember the last time I had actually done something to it. Like, other than wash it, I couldn’t remember when I styled it last with actual styling stuff. I stopped and thought about it for a minute. Was it because I was too busy? Or was it something a little deeper? Why has my life been so focused on others that I haven’t taken the time out of my day to focus on me?

You see, when your health starts slipping, I think a bit of “you” slips with it. A bit of your smile disappears. A bit of your self worth. And sadly, a bit of your “give a sh*t.” You begin to live your days disheveled and lost, like the world is turning without you.

So, for the last several months, while I’ve lost nearly 40lbs, I think I’ve gained something that I hadn’t realized was missing until just this morning. And for me, this Facelift Friday pic says it all.

On the left, the girl there is clearly sad, as her smile isn’t vibrant. She doesn’t look like she spends any time during her day loving herself. She looks as though she floats through her days waiting until the next morning arrives, just to do it all over again. She looks like her self worth is missing.

On the right, the girl looks happy and satisfied. She glows in a way that only those that truly love themselves do. The girl on the right looks healthy and strong, like she could do anything her heart desires. She looks like she knows it, too.

Thankfully, the girl on the left isn’t me anymore. I’m the girl on the right. I AM happy. I AM glowing. I DO give a sh*t. Why? Because I know I’m worth it. While I may not have it together every day, today I do. Today I love myself, and I can feel it.

I’m not lost today. And for that, I’m thankful. #ketoon

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